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TV Thursday: The X-Files Season 10 (2016)

March 31st, 2016

I guess I was almost a fan of the original X-Files, at least in the first season or so.  It was really my wife’s show and I occasionally tagged along.  I never gave a damn about the show’s mythology, they did some great monster of the week episodes but I never cared much about it beyond that.  By the time the series finally ground to a halt, I had long since stopped giving a damn, I think I stopped watching it at all somewhere around season seven, if not earlier.  Outside of some really great Morgan and Wong episodes, I really never gave the show much thought.

So when they decided to bring it back for what was claimed an “event”, I figured what the heck, why not give it a shot?  And you know something?  Well, you’ll have to get below the fold to find out, won’t you?

Scrivener and the Failure to Outline

March 29th, 2016

Lots of writers rave about Scrivener, but I find that I still don’t care for it.  I know I wrote about it once upon a time, but honestly, I can’t find the post but I would link to it if I could.  I recently went back to Scrivener when I wanted to start a new novel, everyone I know seems to like it and I figured that I ought to give it another chance.  I updated from the old version that I had (1.0.2) and went to the most recent (1.8.6), but it’s inability to outline the way that I want really makes it useless for me.  I outline more like a flow chart and it just doesn’t allow me to do that.  Without some form of flow-charting system, Scrivener doesn’t give me anything special that I can’t get just using Word.

Wondercon 2016 Day Two

March 26th, 2016
Half of the exhibit hall.

Half of the exhibit hall.

Well, six hours of sleep later, I’m getting ready to drive out to Wondercon 2016 day 2.  I’m too old for this crap.  I mean, I started going to San Diego Comicon in 1974 and went pretty much straight through 2009.  I’ve been going to Wondercon since it came down to Southern California in 2012.  It’s a lot of fun but it’s punishing for my old bones.  I know I’ll be in a ton of pain on Monday, which everyone takes off to recover, but it’s usually worth it.

So, knowing just how screwed things were yesterday, is this going to be better or worse?

Wondercon 2016 Day One

March 25th, 2016
Registration line

Registration line

Well, the time is finally here.  As I write this, it’s the morning of the first day of  the convention and I have no idea how things will go.  They were finally getting into the groove at their old venue and now they’ve moved and considering how screwed up things were their first year at the Anaheim Convention Center, I’m a little nervous how things will go today.  But that said, I’ve been looking forward to this for the entire year.  It’s a little farther of a drive and the parking fees are ridiculous ($30 a day or $75 for the weekend prepaid, we picked the second option) but without further ado, at least from your perspective, here’s how the first day of Wondercon 2016 went.

TV Thursday: Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015)

March 24th, 2016

I love Thunderbirds, in fact, I love pretty much everything that Gerry and Sylvia Anderson ever did. But even more than their classic stuff, I’ve liked the updated material, like the 2005 New Captain Scarlet too. Now that Gerry has died and his ex-wife is running his affairs, I was a little hesitant about this newly minted version of the classic Thunderbirds, but I had no need to be worried because this is absolutely fantastic.

Tokusatsu Review: Kikaider Reboot Movie (2014)

March 22nd, 2016

Most people familiar with Japanese tokusatsu series are aware of the big three, Super Sentai, Ultraman and Kamen Rider, but there have been many other tokusatsu series on Japanese television over they years.  One of the earliest, way back in 1972, was Kikaider.  Created by Shotaro Ishinomori, it ran 43 episodes and spawned an anime series in 2000, plus two OVAs in 2003.  But the series is still popular in Japan, which led them to reboot the concept in theaters in 2014.

Said to have taken two years to complete, Kikaider Reboot is a retelling of the original story with some new elements thrown in.  So let’s jump into the action that is Kikaider Reboot and see how it goes.

The Good Old Days on Television

March 20th, 2016

Invariably, when we start to talk about old TV shows and movies, and to a lesser degree books, you will find people who say they can’t watch those programs because they are “too old”.  The effects don’t “look good” compared to modern CGI.  They don’t “sound good” compared to modern Dolby 5.1 stereo.  Or, holy crap, they’re in black and white!  The horror!  Well if that’s how you think, then just give up, but keep in mind that the shows you rave about today, those are going to look like garbage in another 10-15 years compared the the newest and highest tech shows on TV.

So why do so many people get so spoiled by modern life that they can’t step back and enjoy something from a different time?  Let’s explore this, shall we?

Comic Review: Gwenpool Holiday Special

March 19th, 2016

I fear I’ve got a bunch of one-shots and annuals starting to pile up again.  Last time, I did an entire week of reviews and I might have to do the same thing again, but I’m going to put in this one, just because the longer I wait, the farther it gets from the holidays.  This is a bunch of semi-related short stories, wrapped in a She-Hulk tale. So here’s my look at the Gwenpool Holiday Special.

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.