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TV Thursday: Sharknado 3 (2015)

August 13th, 2015

A year ago, I wrote a review of Sharknado 2, bemoaning the fact that these stupid Asylum movies are stupid for the sake of being stupid and people keep tuning in.  It’s not just the Sharknado movies though, it’s Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf (no, I’m not kidding), it’s all of the Mega Shark films, it’s just painfully stupid.

So I sat through this horrible mess and holy crap, I regret it.  I’m not even going to keep my feelings below the fold, I will tell you that this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, bar none.  This thing makes Birdemic look good. It was really that awful.  It’s 90 minutes of my life I can’t get back and they’re doing another one.  God help us all.  So let’s do Sharknado 3 before it makes me violently ill.

When Can We Stop Saying “Spoiler!”?

August 11th, 2015


Recently on Google+, someone complained that the classic picture from the 1978 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers had Donald Sutherland pointing as a pod person and complained it was a spoiler. Seriously, if someone hasn’t seen the movie in the last 37 years, they have no reason to bitch.  But when do people have to stop whining about spoilers, just because they’ve been too lazy to see a movie that may have been out for decades?

Book Review: Wayward (2013)

August 9th, 2015

WI recently finished the first book in the Wayward Pines trilogy and jumped into the second one.  I was actually surprised that, with as many liberties as they are taking with the Wayward Pines television series, it looks like they’re going to try to get all three books into 10 episodes and that means a lot of stuff is getting left out.  This is common for most book adaptations, but sometimes the remainder is really good and adds to the understanding and enjoyment of the series, sometimes it’s material that’s best left on the cutting room floor.  Which one is it in this case?  Let’s fine out as I go back to Wayward Pines.

Comic Review: All-New Ghost Rider #6-12 (2015)

August 8th, 2015

All-New_Ghost_Rider_Vol_1_7When I wrote my review of the first five issues of All-New Ghost Rider, I wasn’t terribly impressed.  As I said, this isn’t Johnny Blaze, this isn’t Danny Ketch and if that’s what you’re looking for, boy are you in the wrong place.  Unfortunately, that’s what I was looking for and I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to get it here, but that doesn’t mean the book can’t be enjoyable.  But when Johnny Blaze actually shows up, does that improve things any, or is the last seven issues of the book going to be a slow slide down the tubes?  Let’s find out.

Anime Review: Kindaichi Casefiles Return

August 6th, 2015

Kindaichi Case Files R

Not too long ago, I took a look at the J-drama series Kindaichi Case Files Neo, which came out in 2014, but there’s also a 26-episode anime series with a similar name and hey, never let it be said that I let a good mystery series go by, so my wife and I sat down to watch it.

Now granted, I haven’t reviewed a lot of anime lately, mostly because there hasn’t been anything I’ve been interested in watching, the serious sci-fi market in Japan seems to have hit a rather significant low, but I can make do with detectives, can’t I?  So let’s see if we can’t figure out who done it in Kindaichi Casefiles Return.

Will Amazon’s Rules Make Things Better?

August 4th, 2015

KLLStarting on July 1, Amazon is introducing a whole new rule set for their Kindle Lending Library system that has pissed off a lot of people, but for others, it might be a vast improvement.  Granted, I just realized that this won’t post until August, but hey, my heart is in the right place at least.

The Kindle Lending Library is a year-old subscription system that offers unlimited “lending” of e-books in their system for a $10 a month fee.  You can read as much as you want, as often as you want, for a flat fee and authors have been paid a fee for every “qualified view” of their book, making more money in a lot of cases than they do from straight e-book sales.  Now, Amazon’s rules change has made authors scramble, wondering what the future holds. There remains a single question on everyone’s lips: will it actually make the system better for anyone?  That’s the real question that needs to be addressed.

Book Review: Rain Cacique Series #1-2

August 2nd, 2015

rain-of-the-ghosts-cover-04012015Earlier in the year, I went to Wondercon and there I sat through a panel with Gargoyles-creator Greg Weisman.  I’ve loved his work in television animation, especially the aforementioned Gargoyles, but I was unaware he had written a couple of young adult books as well.  Far be if from me to avoid reading anything, even young adult fiction so I immediately grabbed the first two books in his Rain Cacique series and now, it’s time for a review.

Comic Review: Wolverine & the X-Men v2 #7-12

August 1st, 2015

Wolverine_and_the_X-Men_Vol_2_7It’s really kind of sad that I never got around to reviewing any of the first volume of Wolverine & the X-Men, a 43-issue series that ran from 2011-2014.  They came back with a second volume that ran 12 issues between 2014-2015 and I reviewed the first half.  It actually was pretty surprising, a series about Wolverine as headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and how he deals with the day to day problems of mutant education.  It was a really fun series, far better than I ever thought it would be and even though there were some really complex storylines, I really enjoyed it.

So how does the end of the second volume stack up?  Let’s spread our wings and find out.

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.