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Comic Review: She-Hulk #1-6 (2014)

December 13th, 2014

she-hulk2I don’t know that I can say I’ve ever  been a big fan of She-Hulk, but then again, until relatively recently, I haven’t been much of a fan of the various Hulk series either.  Big green rage monsters aren’t really my thing, even when they maintain their intelligence like She-Hulk does.  But, given that I’ve enjoyed some of the recent Hulk offerings, I decided to give Jennifer Walters a shot in her solo series.

So let’s see what Marvel has to offer in the first six issues of She-Hulk.

Comic Review: All-New Ghost Rider #1-5 (2014)

December 9th, 2014

All-New Ghost Rider 1

Let’s be honest, this is not Ghost Rider.  It’s not even close.  Anything and everything that made the original Ghost Rider great is not in this book.  This is it’s own thing and really shouldn’t even be called Ghost Rider.  So please disavow yourselves of any thinking that this has anything to do with Johnny Blaze or motorcycles or anything of the sort.  Of course, this is hardly the first time Marvel gave this kind of a shot, last time they tried replacing Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch with a female version and that one got  canned almost instantly.  So, does this new version hold up?  Let’s see.

Retro Review: Johnny Sokko and his Giant Robot (1967)

December 7th, 2014


After looking through an old issue of an anime magazine, I decided to throw in a classic, the movie adaptation of the 1967 tokusatsu series Giant Robo, known in the U.S. as Johnny Sokko and his Giant Robot.  The movie, known as Voyage into Space, is a compilation of the entire 26-episode series and tracks Johnny Sokko as he becomes controller of a giant atomic powered robot, joins the super-secret organization Unicorn and defeats Emperor Guillotine and his evil Gargoyle Gang.

Join me now for a look into yesterday.  Giant Robot go!

Comic Review: Deadpool vs. X-Force #1-4 (2014)

December 6th, 2014

Deadpool vs. X-Force 1Another  day, another Deadpool mini, these things are everywhere and they’re not even being treated like special events anymore, one ends, another begins.

This time out, Deadpool travels through time, trying to change history while X-Force tries to stop him.  It’s a romp through the American Revolution and beyond.  Let’s take a look at Deadpool vs. X-Force.

Australians Unclear on the Concept

December 2nd, 2014

mailboxesSince I do read a couple of stamp forums, I get to see some crazy stuff.  In Australia, the post office is shutting down public mailboxes that receive less than 25 letters in them per day because it just makes no financial sense to send someone around to pick up a couple of things a day.  All of a sudden, Australian stamp collectors (and probably others) are up in arms because they want the mailboxes to stay, out of tradition more than anything else.

Some of these people just don’t get how businesses operate.

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.